My Story of Oil, Prayer, and Dirt...

"The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) stood near the water-skin and poured water out of it and performed ablution (wudhu, aka: cleansing before prayer,) in which he neither used excess of water nor too little of it, and the rest of the hadith is the same, and in this mention is also made (of the fact) that on that night the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) made supplication before Allah in nineteen words. Kuraib reported: I remember twelve words out of these, but have forgotten the rest. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: 'Place light in my heart, light in my tongue, light in my hearing, light in my sight, light above me, light below me, light on my right, light on my left, light in front of me, light behind me, place light in my soul, and make light abundant for me.'"  - Reference: Sahih Muslim (763)

This hadith (report) fully encompasses the principles on which PRIZMSKIN stands: Sustainability. Prayer. And God's Light, mashaAllah!



Honestly... it’s my passion project, almost 10 years in the making ✨😭 . Although on paper: it’s a line of beautiful, naturally hued, sustainable, microbiome-focused, vegan botanical facial oils curated specially for all shades of problematic + blemish-prone skin. And inshaAllah, this is just the start... 

In short, we help sisters achieve healthy, clearer skin by creating clean, plant-based, performance skincare. 



In truth, I’ll go days without treating my skin properly. Go on dairy/sugar-eating binges. Have hormonal fluxes. Causing my skin to break out at all the wrong times and have tried all the wrong “natural” and vegan solutions NOT MADE for oily, acne + hyperpigmentation-prone melanin skin.

So now I create potent plant-based products and clean skincare content that feels like luxurious velvety soft dew-dripped roses… (yes, the content too, lol!). Because the more LOVE I pour into my own mixed-race/melanin-kissed self-care, the more return we both get on every purchase you make.

Hey, I’m Elle (like the letter) — and as you’ve probably guessed, creating plant-based products for those looking to naturally and sustainably protect their skin's microbiome is my jam! I guide them in how best to deal with breakouts and lack-luster skin, while adopting a more holistic approach in their self-love practice.

Sisters come to me when they’re exhausted by the latest trends, toxic/haram products or 200+ step skincare routine that may “improve” but not solve key components of their skincare woes.

Together, I teach them new strategies that are simple yet pampering. Strategies that lead to improved skin clarity, wellness and successful non-toxic skincare solutions. I have 8+ years in formulating experience (where I’ve taken the “L” on using "all natural" yet, acne causing ingredients loooong before you ever had to). 

In creating PRIZMSKIN (and BLKTOPBeauty), I’ve partnered with the best suppliers in North America, insuring the most potent, pure, luxurious, nutrient packed, and ethical ingredients. We only use recyclable materials made in the USA for all packaging, doing our best to ensure we don’t fund any unethical treatment oversees.

I have a 15+ year corporate background in creative services, operations, global training and marketing at the senior management level. I’ve worked with global brands, startups, and everything in between (think Walt Disney Studios + Warner Bros to the local poppin’ juice shop. I left the entertainment industry for many, many reasons, but yes- personal morality issues being prime suspect #1).

When I’m not formulating, testing or course creating, I also looove watching our feathered friends and ocean critters of all sizes (from Blue's to snails), and was featured in our local newspaper for my conservation work at the age of 18. (Hey- it was a big moment for me, lol!) I’m momma to a blended family of multiple mini’s and reverted to Islam through the grace of Allah when I met my amazingly brilliant and talented husband, one fairytale'd night many moons ago, Alhamdulilah.

So that’s the scoop on me. Any more burning questions? Like how did I know when it was the right time to revert, (what IS a “revert,”) or how did I juggle motherhood and a professional career at the director level? (Spoiler alert- I didn’t.) Or how in the world do you obtain clear skin from environmental pollution when the world is l literally burning around you...? 

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With love and light, JzK!


~ Elle.